Though he's heard it many times after his performances across the globe...pianist Jean Prosper says he never gets tired of hearing someone say..."You were wonderful."

"It is obviously important for professional musicians to be compensated for their work," said Prosper. "But there is nothing more rewarding than to have someone show their appreciation for your talent with a few kind words."

It takes passion and dedication in order to be a successful well as a willingness to work hard to achieve your goals. Even as a young child growing up in Haiti...Jean Prosper displayed all of these traits.

His musical influences are as diverse as his training and education. Please take time to read more about his background here on the website and call or email if you would like to have him perform at a future event or gathering.

You can also find online downloads of his music that are available for purchase through iTunes, CD Baby and other internet sites. 

For Booking Information call: 407.490.2191 or 574.807.5036